Jake’s Take’s Music Bytes: Farewell to Avicii (1989 to 2018)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

The music world was shocked and saddened to learn of Avicii’s tragic passing at 28-years-old on April 20, 2018.  Avicii, whose real name was Tim Bergling, became one of his generation’s impeccable beat makers as he dominated the Electronic Dance Music scene with his outstanding collaborations and superb tracks.

Jake’s Take is celebrating Avicii’s life by looking back at some of the tracks that made music lovers get up and dance.

“Levels” (2011)

Avicii gained international attention when he released his breakout single: “Levels.” One of the highlights of the track included sampling jazz icon Etta James’s “Something’s Got a Hold on Me.” “Levels” peaked at number one spot on Billboard’s US Dance Club Songs throughout the 2011-2012 music charts.

“Collide” (2011)

“Collide” is one of his underrated collaborations. The DJ-producer teamed up with fellow international superstar Leona Lewis for an outstanding house music single that would put a smile on fans’ faces.

“Wake Me Up” (2013)

When he released the first single off of his debut album, True, on June 17, 2013. “Wake Me Up” brilliantly blended folk and EDM music together. Avicii also introduced the world to singer-songwriter Aloe Blaac and together the two became household names.  Also, “Wake Me Up” peaked at the number one spot on 31 international music charts.

“Hey Brother” (2013)

“Hey Brother” was another fantastic song off of True. The Swedish DJ-producer teamed up with Bluegrass singer Dan Tyminski who made his mark on the music world by working with Alison Krauss and Union Station. Tyminksi’s husky vocals perfectly complimented Avicii’s addicting beats and it reached the number one spot on 21 international music charts.

“Lay Me Down” (2013)

Avicii teamed up with Adam Lambert and music icon Nile Rodgers to transport listeners to a funky disco club. Lambert’s astonishing vocals combined with Avicii’s production and Rodgers’ legendary sound ignited listeners’ imaginations.

“Divine Sorrow” (2014)

Many music aficionados scratched their heads when they saw “Divine Sorrow’s” album cover. It featured the Swedish DJ-producer alongside Hip-hop/soul artist Wyclef Jean.  However, the song was a part of the 2014 Product Red campaign “Share the Sound of an AIDS-Free Generation.”  Proceeds from the track went to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

“Sunset Jesus” (2015)

For his sophomore and sadly last studio album, Stories, Avicii teamed up with an eccentric group of musicians. “Sunset Jesus,” Avicii’s collaboration with Gavin DeGraw, visually transported listeners to Los Angeles where they saw the story of Sunset Jesus unfold.

“Broken Arrows” (2015)

“Broken Arrows” was a cross between EDM and country music. The track featured Avicii’s collaboration with country singer-songwriter Zac Brown. “Broken Arrows” marked the first time that Brown performed without his signature band and as listeners heard the 3-minute and 53-seconds track, they could definitely see that Avicii expanded Brown’s boundaries as a vocalist.

“Lonely Together” (2017)

Avicii’s final single before his death was a team up with singer-actress Rita Ora. Ora’s seductive vocals blended very well with the Swedish DJ-producer’s production arrangement.  While it was a spectacular song, “Lonely Together” only peaked at the number one spot on both the Scotland and UK Dance charts.

Thank you for the music and the memories, Avicii.  You will be greatly missed.

I do not own any of the clips that are featured in this article. They belong to Avicii’s numerous music labels.

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