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Did Batman & Catwoman get married? (Artwork property of DC Comics)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Superman and Lois Lane. Reed and Susan Richards. Spider-Man and Mary Jane. Aquaman and Mera. Colossus and Kitty Pryde.

These five pairs are beloved fan-favorite couples. Most of these duos have seen their ups and downs in their relationships and stood the test of time. However, some of these couples broken up due to creative purposes.

On July 4, all eyes were on Batman and Catwoman. Did Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle walk down the aisle and became Mister and Missus? Or did the Joker or other adversaries stop the procession?  Read on to find out!

Warning! Spoilers Are Ahead!

Following the conclusion of the blockbuster story arc “I Am Bane” in Batman, Vol.3 issue 24, Bruce proposed to Selina to become his wife. Despite facing challenges in the form of adversaries such as the Joker and Talia al Ghul, and even allies such as Booster Gold and Wonder Woman, the couple known as Bat and Cat prepared to walk down the aisle.

Batman, Vol. 3’s milestone issue featured a script written by fan-favorite writer Tom King (Mister Miracle and The Vision) and a plethora of all-star comic book artists such as Neal Adams, David Finch, Joelle Jones, Andy Kubert, and Frank Miller.  However, fans who were awaiting to read the lines: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Batman…” might be disappointed.

It turned out that Catwoman’s conversation with the Joker in the previous issue, Batman, Vol. 3  issue 49, might have played a role in Selina running away from the altar.  Gotham’s favorite cat burglar received word from the Clown Prince of Crime that a happy Batman might lead to the Dark Knight Detective’s downfall.   Thus, she left her longtime love jilted at the altar to begin a new adventure that is expected to take place in her new solo title, which also came out today!

My Take:

As a longtime Batman and Catwoman fan, I am very disappointed that King, the editorial team, DC Comics’ co-publishers Dan DiDio, and Jim Lee decided to co-opt of not marrying these two pop culture icons.  They are throwing away the numerous possible storylines that involve Batman juggling married life.

The decision to eliminate Batman and Catwoman’s marriage also erases potential character growth. The last significant development that happened to the Caped Crusader during the previous decade. In 2006, Batman fans saw the Caped Crusader officially welcome his son, Damian Wayne, who became the fifth Robin.  Under Grant Morrison and Peter J. Tomasi’s pen, fans saw the younger Wayne evolve from bratty son to one of the DCU’s brilliant strategists. By adding Damian into the storyline, it created a dynamic shift in the Batman family and forced the characters to grow. It would have been interesting to see Bruce and Selina start a family and possibly bring a child into this continuity.

The extra-sized anniversary issue featured a plethora of guest pin-ups that perfectly weaved in and out of the story. I got chills when I saw the one-page illustrations from the impeccable art teams.  I think the VIPs of the issue are colorists Jordie Bellaire, Alex Sinclair, and Jose Villarrubia. Bellaire worked with Clay Mann, Joelle Jones, and David Finch, while Sinclair collaborated with Andy Kubert, Frank Miller, and “Batman: Hush” team Jim Lee and Scott Williams. Meanwhile, Villarrubia worked with veterans Tim Sale and Paul Pope.

Final thoughts and grade:

Despite my petty grievance about the wedding being called off, Batman, Vol. 3 issue 50 showcased a visual feast that reflected the Dark Knight and the Princess of Plunder’s 78-year history together.  King crafted an impeccable story and artist Mikel Janin delivered some of the best artwork of his career.  This issue needs to be added into your comic book library. A-

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