Jake’s Take Casts ‘Big Brother 2: All-Stars’: Part Two-The Women

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Here are the “Big Brother” houseguests that I hope production invites back for a potential second “All-Stars” season. (Logo property of CBS)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Last month, I revealed my picks for the previous male houseguests to revisit Big Brother for a potential second All-Stars season of the CBS series.

Here are my picks for the female houseguests, that I would love to re-enter the Big Brother house in the future.


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Houseguest #1: Britney Haynes (Season 12 Semifinalist + America’s Favorite Houseguest & Season 14)

Britney Haynes is a fan-favorite veteran! She would join Jessie Godderz, Frankie Grande, Paul Abrahamian, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Brandi Glanville (more on them later) in the three-time players club. During both of her seasons, Britney charmed the nation with her snarky Diary Room remarks and excellent gameplay.  In Big Brother 12, Britney won three Veto competitions and one Head of Household (HOH) round. She also got $10,000 and the $25,000 America’s Favorite Houseguest award. Despite walking into jury both times, she managed to outlast several iconic Big Brother legends such as Rachel Reilly, Dr. Brendon Villegas, Janelle Pierzina, and Mike “Boogie” Malin.  A second All-Stars season would test Britney’s iconic Big Brother gameplay against the next generation of players.

Houseguest #2: Christine Varner (Season 16)

Christine Varner (formerly Brecht) was the lone female member in the omnipotent Detonators alliance that controlled a bulk of the Season 16 house.  Despite winning an HOH, two Battle of the Blocks, and two Vetoes, Christine rubbed a significant number of fans the wrong way through her actions. Reddit users noted that they were annoyed with her super close flirting with Cody Calafiore and throwing fan favorites such as Donny Thompson and former ally Nicole Franzel under the bus.  While she received monstrous “boos” from the audience during her exit, I firmly believe that Christine could reenter the house either on a redemption quest or a plan to settle old scores with her former alliance members (Cody and Frankie).

Houseguest #3: Jocasta Odom (Season 16)

Another Big Brother 16 alum that might find herself back in the house is Jocasta Odom. Momma Jay may have played a non-aggressive game, but she played a significant part in her season. She won a Battle of the Block competition, helped heal the house after both Frankie and Derrick Levasseur’s grandfathers passed, and joined Donny Thompson as the other juror who robbed Derrick of a perfect victory. It would be exciting to see if her gameplay has changed if she was invited back into the house.

Houseguest #4: Brittany Martinez (Season 16)

There is one factor that a majority of my picks have in common, a significant amount of them was eliminated pre-jury and deserve a shot of redemption. Brittany Martinez is one of them. Despite winning one Battle of the Block competition and completing 2,400 soccer goals in 24 hours, Martinez was the fourth person to be evicted before the jury.  Brittany would be a formidable competitor, and I could see her reuniting with Cody, Donny, Jocasta, and several other members of this list and make it far in this All-Stars season.


Vanessa Rousso Big Brother

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Houseguest #5: Vanessa Rousso (Season 17 finalist)

Steve Moses robbed Vanessa Rousso of a well-deserved victory during the Season 17 finale! She scored four HOH wins and three vetoes throughout her game. Vanessa was also responsible for evicting 11 of her houseguests! I think if she returns for an All-Stars season, it would be amazing to see how she could overcome countless because almost everyone would be gunning for her for early elimination. Also, I think she could target Cody (due to Paulie’s absence), Da’Vonne Rogers, Michelle Mayer, and Paul Abrahamian for what they did to her sister, Tiffany, who they blindsided during Season 18.


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Houseguest #6: Da’Vonne Rogers (Seasons 17 & 18)

Momma Day should play Big Brother one more time! She would join Brandi, Britney, Frankie, Jason, Jessie, and Paul in the three-time players club. Despite not winning of significant value on both seasons, she created a lot of drama in both the Big Brother house and in the Jury House. I would love to see Da’Vonne mix it up with fellow veterans.

Houseguest #7: Michelle Meyer (Season 18)

Big Brother super fan Michelle Meyer delivered an impeccable performance during Season 18. Throughout her 79 days in the house, she won a veto and was the recipient of America’s Care Package which she became a co-HOH and nominated both Paul and Victor Arroyo.  I believe she would be a good returning player because Michelle was not only eliminated before her time, but she was also very entertaining.


Christmas Abbott Big Brother

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Houseguest #8: Christmas Abbott (Season 19 finalist)

The CrossFit superstar and best-selling author is the next houseguest that I hope Big Brother should ask back. In addition to competing on her season with one foot, her alliance with Paul and Josh Martinez helped her get to the Season 19 finale. Christmas proved that she was a strong competitor as she earned two HOH wins.  She would be an asset to any alliance and could stir up some drama.

Houseguest #9: Elena Davies (Season 19)

Speaking of drama, Elena Davies is probably the physical embodiment of Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.” The former radio personality got into verbal fights with a majority of her housemates right until she got evicted on day 58. It would be very entertaining to see Elena mix it up with her old adversaries, Paul and Christmas, plus Da’Vonne, Frankie, and potentially this headline-making houseguest.


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Houseguest #10: Omarosa Manigault-Newman (Celebrity Big Brother USA finalist)

Both viewers and her fellow Celebrity Big Brother houseguests were shocked when the former Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison sashayed her way onto the stage earlier this year. Omarosa made headlines for the tea that she shared with her houseguests regarding her time in the Trump White House. The Unhinged author won two HOH competitions and made it to the Final Five of her season. Omarosa could be the one houseguest that not only people would want to align with, but also the person that the entire house that they don’t double-cross.

Houseguest #11: Brandi Glanville (Celebrity Big Brother USA & Celebrity Big Brother UK)

Author and Reality TV star Brandi Glanville could join Britney, Da’Vonne, Frankie, Jason, Jessie, and Paul in the three timers club.  Brandi’s rivalries with fellow Celebrity Big Brother houseguests James Maslow and Omarosa entertained viewers earlier this year, which could reignite if both of them invited back for the All-Stars season.  She could also stir up the house with several other of the series’ top drama queens.


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Houseguest #12: Rachel Swindler (Season 20)

Level 6 co-founder Rachel Swindler was robbed of her chance to make it to the jury, and both her presumed “Final Two” partner, Angela Rummans and her alliance dumped her. While her downfall led to a titanic power shift and Bayleigh Dalton’s eviction, she also faced controversy with Angela as TMZ reported that both of them commented about their skin getting “too ghetto.” Despite that controversy, Rachel redeemed herself throughout social media as she gave her honest opinions about the remaining houseguests and their respective games. If she gets an invite to return for All-Stars 2, Rachel would be a strong competitor and could potentially reunite with this next houseguest.

Houseguest #13: Kaitlyn Herman (Season 20)

Many Big Brother fans believed that Rachel’s fellow Little Fartlet brought the drama during this season.  While her gameplay was at times erratic, Kaitlyn Herman’s move to blindside Swaggy C, the leader behind the FOUTTE alliance during her HOH week forever changed the balance of power in the Season 20 house.  The life coach also made headlines after she dropped the N-word when she rapped a lyric to Drake’s “0 to 100” and her flirtatious relationships with Tyler Crispen, Brett Robinson, and Faysal Shafaat cost her relationship with then-boyfriend of five years, musician and DJ Joe Pincus.  While she failed to save herself from eviction when she was unable to complete the second life puzzle, Kaitlyn could be a favorite of both fans and production to re-enter the Big Brother house in the future.

Do you agree with these choices? Which previous houseguests would you want the Big Brother casting team to come back?

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