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The Green Lantern DC Comics

Grant Morrison & Liam Sharp takes “The Green Lantern” into a new direction. (Artwork cover property of DC Comics)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Earlier this year, DC Comics made a significant announcement at the San Diego Comic-Con regarding two fan-favorite creators taking over one of the comic book publishers’ most prominent characters.   It was revealed that celebrated writer Grant Morrison (Batman, Final Crisis, and JLA) and superstar artist Liam Sharpe (The Brave and The Bold and Wonder Woman) would tackle Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) in a new series called The Green Lantern.

In all honesty, I have not focused on Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern Corps, or the Guardians of the Universe since Geoff Johns, DC Entertainment’s former President and Chief Creative Officer, ended his epic Green Lantern run in 2013.  However, The Green Lantern did peak my interest especially after it was announced that Hal Jordan would be the central Green Lantern.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The Green Lantern’s premiere issue focuses on down on his luck Hal Jordan returning to the Green Lantern Corps.  The polarizing Green Lantern must help the Guardians of the Universe discover a traitor that they claim is in their ranks. Also, the omnipotent beings revealed that the Book of Oa, which guided the legendary intergalactic law enforcement group for eons with its prophecies might “no longer be trustworthy.” Unbeknownst to Hal or the Guardians, the villainous Controllers have returned to the DC Universe and already planning a deadly attack on the universe.

(End of Spoilers!)

The Green Lantern’s premiere issue showcased a new future for Hal Jordan and how he interacts with his corps members and the Guardians of the Universe. While Morrison previously wrote fan-favorites Kyle Rayner in JLA and John Stewart in JLA: Classified, this was the first time that the Seven Soldiers scribe has written Hal Jordan.  Morrison’s Jordan shows the same combination of honesty and bravery that the character had when John Broome and Gil Kane debuted the character nearly 60 years ago in Showcase #22.

Liam Sharp and colorist Steve Oliff beautifully brought Morrison’s vision to life. From the Guardians of the Universe’s quest for information on the first page to the splash teaser at the end of the issue, the former Marvel Comics artist elevated the Green Lantern universe to a brand new level of excellence. I genuinely believe that both longtime fans and newcomers would be delighted with Sharp and Oliff’s artwork.

The only small problem that I had was the pacing. Fans did not catch up with The Green Lantern’s main protagonist until the issue was at its halfway point. Morrison and Sharp also introduced us to characters that were either killed off or irrelevant to the story.

Final thoughts & grade: Despite the small issues, The Green Lantern’s premiere issue will excite veteran and new fans alike.  Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp are about to take Hal Jordan on a wild ride, and if you have been absent from the franchise, now it is the perfect time to add Hal Jordan in your pull list. A-

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