‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ Premieres

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By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

America’s Got Talent: The Champions finally premiered! Series creator and head judge Simon Cowell and his production team invited a plethora of AGT alums to face off not only against each other but other acts from around the world.

However, here is a huge twist…there will only be a selected number of acts that move into the AGT: Champions finale.  Each episode one act will receive the Golden Buzzer from either Simon, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and new host Terry Crews, while another act would be selected by superfans! (Come on, AGT! I would love to do it for season two!)

Who received the Golden Buzzer? Which act received the superfan vote? Read on to find out!

After Terry Crews introduced the judges, he revealed that Mel B will have the honor to press the Golden Buzzer tonight.  Up first was original America’s Got Talent winner Bianca Ryan returned to the stage. Her life changed completely since she won the first season. She toured across the country, had a recording contract with Syco Music, and sang for former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush. However, things came to a halt when Bianca learned that she had a paralyzed vocal cord.  While she recovered, Bianca lost some of her fanbase and footing as an artist.  Now, she returned to the show for a new beginning. Bianca tackled A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something,” and she showcased beautiful vocal runs. I got chills when she hit her high notes and no matter what happens in this contest, Bianca has a very strong future.  Simon praised Bianca for her performance, while Howie crowned her “a champion in life.”

Friends to the blog, Thommy and Amelie, returned to America’s Got Talent! The duo came in second place during the Season 11 finale and came back with a vengeance. The Clairvoyants focused on the judges’ love lives and requested that all four of them joined them on stage. They asked them to imagine a dream date and split them into two groups. Thommy asked Simon to pick one postcard and Heidi one candle. Next, Howie thought of a dream gift, while Mel B was tasked to guard a jewelry box.  Once all judges returned to the desk, Amelie revealed all judges’ choices, and they were all correct. Heidi revealed that the Clairvoyants were one of her favorite acts from Season 11, while Simon stated that the duo set the standard for the evening!

While the audience voiced their displeasure with Mel B on not selecting the Clairvoyants to receive the Golden Buzzer, I vomited when I saw Sara and Hero on the Pasadena Civic Center stage. I basically ignored their performance and I would have pulled a Piers Morgan and buzzed them. I truly believe that either Terry Fator, Grandma Lee, or Collins Key should have had Sara and Hero’s spot.

Another act that I did not like was ladder acrobat Uzeyer from Season 10. He fell during one of the crucial rounds, and when he mentioned that he was doing a ladder, the judges (Howie and Mel B) protested because they were worried that he would fail. While he was successful, I thought the show should have brought mentalist, Season 10 finalist, and friend of the blog Oz Pearlman back for one more round instead.

I was thrilled to see Season 13 finalist Vicki Barbolak participating on this show. She delivered brilliant routines during the Dolby Theatre rounds. While she stated that she is competing against Preacher Lawson, Vicki wanted to prove that she was a champion. Her latest routine included the second best trailer in her trailer park on the hill and her experience on Rodeo Drive. I love Vicki’s energy and one-liners, and win or lose…she has a career in comedy!

Russia’s Got Talent winner, Britain’s Got Talent finalist, and America’s Got Talent quarterfinalist sword-swallower Alex Magala reunited with the judges. Heidi proclaimed that Alex was “the best sword-swallower in the world” and stated that this was the scariest act he has ever performed. Alex shocked both the audience and the judges by adding this was the first time he attempted the stunt. Alex retrieved a sword that sat on the judges’ desk and swallowed the dagger. After ripping off his shirt, he gestured to Simon to remove the sword from the mouth, which the Got Talent creator did successfully.  However, Alex was not done just yet. He rushed to the stage, swallowed the dagger and did some stunts. Finally, he brought out a giant sword with four sharped edges, swallowed it, and climbed onto a giant pole.  Terry and the judges were terrified that Alex would perish to his death, but thankfully…he was able to make it down to the ground without dying!

Australia’s Got Talent winners Justice Crew made their America’s Got Talent: The Champions debut. While the group had a massive following in their home country, they hoped to break into America. I thought that their routine was superb and delivered a lot of high energy. I think they could rival BTS and even the Jabbawockeez. I hope that this group does their best to pursue a music career in the United States.

Let’s face it, Susan Boyle is the Queen of the Got Talent franchise. Ten years ago, the world fell in love with her after she took Britain’s Got Talent stage and sang “I Dreamed a Dream.” Despite losing the show, she sold millions of records around the world and gained worldwide respect. She received a standing ovation from all four judges and the audience when she walked out on the stage. Tonight, she sang “Wild Horses” and gave me chills. She rightfully deserved Mel B’s Golden Buzzer!

Aerialist and contortionist Sofie Dossi was one of Season 11’s brightest stars! Now, Reba McEntire’s Golden Buzzer act had much to prove. Sofie delivered a beautiful and breathtaking routine that centered on outer space. She has grown so much since the last time we saw her and I believed she gave a stunning performance! Mel B stated that Sofie gave them a whole new act, while Heidi added that she brought her A-game today.  Meanwhile, Simon concluded the commentary by adding it she gave them her best performance.

Preacher Lawson was the final act of the evening. The Season 12 comedian turned heads during his season. Now, thanks to the show, he was able to sell out comedy clubs across the country. His routine focused on being a vegan, pigs being smarter than dogs, and comparing his life to Trader Joe’s.  His routine made me smile, but I thought there were stronger performances from the evening. Mel B revealed that he would have gotten her Golden Buzzer if she performed earlier, while Howie declared Preacher “a champion.”

It was time to reveal the superfans’ decision. The superfan panel voted Bianca Ryan, Preacher Lawson, and Sofie Dossi into the Top 3. It was shocking to hear that Sofie Dossi came in third place. The top two was Preacher Lawson and Bianca Ryan…The winner was PREACHER LAWSON!

Next week, Darci Lynn Farmer, Light Balance, Piff the Magic Dragon, Viktor Kee, and Taylor Williamson all return to compete! Meanwhile, Got Talent España winner Cristina Ramos and Britain’s Got Talent champions Ashleigh and Sully make their AGT debuts.


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