Alien, Lion, Rabbit, & Unicorn Square Off on ‘Masked Singer’

Which ‘Masked Singer’ was forced to unmask tonight? (Photos property of FOX & Endemol Shine North America)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

The Masked Singer is at the halfway point!  So far, four celebrities have been unmasked. NFL star Antonio Brown (the Hippo), comedy legend Tommy Chong (the Pineapple), NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw (the Deer), and actress-comedian Margaret Cho (the Poodle) all showcased their inner karaoke performer in front of The Masked Singer panel. Tonight, the Rabbit, the Alien, the Unicorn, and the Lion Masks faced off to stay in this competition! Which Masked Singer contestant was forced to reveal their identity to the celebrity panel (Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger)? Read on to find out!

(Video property of FOX)

Before the episode aired, another set of clues was posted onto the Masked Singer’s YouTube page. The Rabbit posed with a basketball, while the Unicorn opened up a book and played a white grand piano. Once again, the Alien had a crystal ball on her, and the Lion worked on arts and crafts project. The four Masked Singer performed Imagine Dragons’ “On Top of the World.” During the group performance, the Rabbit had the strongest presence.

As the other masked performers left the stage, the Rabbit revealed that he was a trickster and decided to trick the panel again by singing R&B. He performed Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison,” and in all honesty, it was one of his weakest outings. I wished that he focused on his vocals over the choreography. However, the Masked Singer panel liked the performance. For the first time this season, the performers had the opportunity to bring out physical clues. The Rabbit brought out a magic kit. The panel guessed that the Rabbit was Donnie Wahlberg, Zac Brown, or Joey McIntyre.

Up next was the Unicorn. This Masked Singer revealed that she was crafty and found new confidence. She sang “I Love It,” but I wanted to bring an America’s Got Talent buzzer into the soundstage and pressed it while the Unicorn sang. The Unicorn is one of the weakest performers in the competition, and I do not know how she will handle the Monster, the Bee, or the Peacock performers if she makes it to the Masked Singer finale. Her physical clue was a typewriter, which she revealed that the typewriter created a lot of magic. The panel guessed that either Lauren Conrad, Tori Spelling, or Denise Richards was under the mask.

The Alien was third tonight. She spent her entire life under the microscope, and this competition gave her some peace for the first time in her career. She craved the simple life, but the Alien had no such luck because she was a part of a famous family. This week, the Alien performed Pharrell’s “Happy.” I truly enjoyed the Alien’s performance, and I thought that it was one of her best performances. Her physical clue was an Indiana police badge, which confused the panel. The Masked Singer panel predicted either Nicole Richie, LaToya Jackson, or Paula Abdul.

The Lion delivered one of the best performances of The Masked Singer’s premiere season as she tackled Sia’s interpretation of “California Dreamin’.” Her vocals not only gave me chills, but it reminded me of either Christina Aguilera, Carrie Underwood, or Kelly Rowland.  The Lion’s physical clue was a scrunchie, which she revealed was a “family heirloom.” The panel guessed either Kesha, Michelle Williams, or Mel B was behind the Lion Mask.

After the audience and the panel voted, it was the Unicorn’s turn to reveal her identity! Before the unmasking, the panel guessed that either Gabby Douglas (Robin), Lauren Conrad (Jenny), Denise Richards (Nicole), or Tori Spelling (Ken) was the Unicorn. It turned out that Ken was right! Tori Spelling was the behind the Unicorn Mask!

Next week, the Peacock, the Monster, the Bee, and the Raven masks return to The Masked Singer!

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