Margrit Newman Brings Art Exhibit to NYC’s One Art Space

Artist Margrit Newman brought 50 pieces from her collection to exhibit at New York City’s One Art Space. (Photo property of EMPKT PR)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Internationally renowned artist-photographer Margrit Newman brought her artwork and photographs to the New York City area. On Thursday, May 9, art aficionados and several press representatives had the opportunity to view 50 pieces of Margrit Newman’s artwork from her massive collection at the One Art Space.

Attendees will have the opportunity to use the Artivite App to learn more information about Margrit Newman’s artwork such as “Innocence.” (Photo property of Jake’s Take.)

The Artivive App

Visitors were able to get full details on several pieces of Margrit Newman’s work by using the Artivive app.  Artivive enhances museumgoers’ experiences by bringing art to life through their smartphones.  If attendees downloaded the app, they are able to see Margrit Newman talk about the selected work including the 1985 acrylic “Dance of the Planets” and 1998’s acrylic and collage (rag and lichen) “Innocence.”  

The “Dance of the Planets” is definitely one of Margrit Newman’s best paintings that is displayed at One Art Space. (Photo property of Jake’s Take)


Margrit Newman’s artwork is categorized by several groups. One group that caught my eye were the compositions. Ms. Newman painted the compositions series throughout the 1980s. I truly enjoyed how the artist transformed musical notes into miniature squares on the 1985’s acrylic on board “Musical Composition.” Another acrylic painting that visitors will enjoy is the 1985’s “Dance of the Planets,” which showcased two-tones circles in the planets’ rotation.

Margrit Newman’s “NY Graffiti” will transport visitors to the grittier Big Apple. (Photo by Jake’s Take)

The Edges of Life

Another group of paintings that visitors would be amazed by would be are the acrylics and photos. Ms. Newman brilliantly showcases her innate ability to combine photography and painting into impeccable pieces of artwork. She instantly transported places around the country from 2004’s Chaco Cañon in New Mexico to 2016’s New York graffiti (brown).

Margrit Newman’s exhibit will run until May 18.

For more information about Margrit Newman’s work, visit her website! You can also connect with Margrit on social media.  Visit her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels. 

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