Legion of Super-Heroes Return to the DC Comics Universe

The Legion of Super-Heroes will return to the DC Universe this September. (Cover property of DC Comics)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

The Legion of Super-Heroes are coming back to the DC Universe!

On September 4, legendary comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis (Action Comics, Batman Universe, and Event Leviathan) will usher in a new chapter in the futuristic superhero team’s history with a two-part mini-series: Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium.  DC Comics confirmed that the mini-series would lead into an ongoing series that penned by Bendis and with art from Ryan Sook.

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium 101

Superstar artists Andrea Sorrentino, André Lima Araújo, Dustin Nguyen, and DC Comics Co-Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee will bring part one of Bendis’ story to life. Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium’s first issue will focus on a mysterious female protagonist’s arrival into the future. This mysterious character will begin a new journey that explores her newly found immortality and connects all of DC Comics’ future timelines for the very first time.  Fan-favorites Batman Beyond, Kamandi, Supergirl, and Tommy Tomorrow are expected to encounter this mystery character in part one.

Meanwhile, both Booster Gold and OMAC will try to help the mystery character with her quest in Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium issue 2.  DC confirmed that artists Nicola Scott and Jim Cheung are handling the art duties for those respective characters. Also, Jeff Dekal will send readers on “off-world” adventure into the DCU in the issue.  Sook will have the pleasure of closing out the mini-series, which will hit stores on October 2.

Superboy will join the Legion of Super-Heroes in the second issue of Millennium. (Artwork property of & courtesy of DC Comics)

Hello, Superboy!

DC also revealed that Superboy will join the futuristic superhero team. The comic book company released the cover of Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium’s second issue that featured Superboy grabbing the group’s signature flight ring. As he grabbed it, some of the 31st Century’s beloved heroes cheer him on. 

Ryan Sook gave Dawnstar a makeover. (Artwork property & courtesy of DC Comics)

The comic book publisher also released character designs from artist Ryan Sook.  The former Action Comics penciler designed new looks for Superboy and Legion of Super-Heroes veterans Blok, Dawnstar, Dream Girl, and Matter-Eater Lad.  While fans continue to speculate which Legion of Super-Heroes members will join the ongoing series, the biggest question remains: Who is this immortal woman?

Hopefully, the answers will be revealed on September 4 when Legion of Super-Heroes Millennium drops its first issue.

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