Jacob Interviews…DJ Petey

  By: Jacob Elyachar   One of the most impressive DJs that this author had a chance to interview is DJ Petey Helm.  Based in Boulder, Colorado, DJ Petey who started out as a promoter and worked his way up to becoming one of the most active DJs on social media platforms including Facebook, Google […]

Jacob Reviews…Avengers vs. X-Men: Round One

By: Jacob Elyachar   Warning! This article contains spoilers!   At 8:00 p.m. yesterday, comic book stores across the country released the highly anticipated first issue of Marvel’s biggest event of the year: Avengers vs. X-Men.     After months of hype through numerous Web sites and pop culture conventions, readers purchased the first issue of […]

New Music Tuesday-Week of April 1, 2012

  By: Jacob Elyachar   This week’s New Music Tuesday features new albums and singles from Nicki Minaj, Rascal Flatts, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and T.I.   Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (Nicki Minaj)   Ms. Minaj continues her rise towards superstardom with her second album: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.   This album has a lot of catchy […]

Where Are They Now?-The Voice Season One Contestants

  By: Jacob Elyachar   Tomorrow night, The Voice’s Season Two Top 24 singers chosen by their superstar mentors: Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera will perform for America’s votes live for the first time in the competition.   If they want to become successful and stay in America’s mind, jacobelyacharjournalist.com suggests […]

Jacob Interviews…The Get Published Coach-Robin Colucci Hoffman, Part Two

By: Jacob Elyachar   Part two of my interviews with Robin Colucci Hoffman focuses on how she defines success; what she considers the difference between a hit book and a flop and also myths about the publishing industry. Jacob Elyachar: Could you describe the difference between writing a huge success versus writing a huge flop? […]

Jacob Reviews…Avengers vs. X-Men #0

  By: Jacob Elyachar   Warning! Spoilers are ahead!   The zero issue of Avengers vs. X-Men came out today and it was one of the best ways to start off a huge Earth-shattering event.   Avengers vs. X-Men Zero has two main stories highlighting two of the massive players involved in the maxi-series: the […]

New Music Tuesday-Week of March 25, 2012

  By: Jacob Elyachar   This week’s edition of  New Music Tuesday  reviews two new albums from Lionel Richie and Madonna, a re-release of Katy Perry’s highly successful Teenage Dream: the Complete Confection and new singles from Pitbull and Rascal Flatts.   Tuskegee-Lionel Richie   Tuskegee is a CD full of collaborations from music legend […]

Jacob’s Eye On….Avengers vs. X-Men-Part 3: The Characters

By: Jacob Elyachar   This week, Avengers vs. X-Men’s zero issue will be released.   The zero issue is co-written by Avengers mastermind Brian Michael Bendis and one of the X-Men’s architects: Jason Aaron.   Superstar artist Frank Cho will provide the artwork.   Part three of my series will focus on the major characters on both […]

Aretha Franklin at 70

  By: Jacob Elyachar   Happy Birthday to the Queen of Soul who turns 70-years-old today!   To help celebrate Aretha’s birthday, jacobelyacharjournalist.com has prepared a countdown of her best songs that you should have in your music library.   10. Son of a Preacher Man (1970)   When Aretha Franklin sings a cover of […]

The 20 Best Aretha Franklin Collaborations-the Conclusion

  By: Jacob Elyachar   Before you read the conclusion of my articles, please read part three (http://jakes-take.com/2012/03/21/the-20-best-aretha-franklin-collaborations-part-three).    On Sunday, the Queen of Soul-Ms. Aretha Franklin, will turn 70-years-old.  All this week, jacobelyacharjournalist.com has countdown her best collaborations with rising stars and music icons.    These top five collaborations will feature some of music’s legendary […]

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