The Best Whitney Houston Duets

As the world says goodbye to Whitney Houston on Saturday, honors the fallen pop icon with an entry that focuses several of her best duets.     These duets showed Whitney at her finest and featured a diverse group of artists from pop and R&B genres. It Isn’t, It Wasn’t, It Ain’t Never Gonna Be (with […]

Throwback Tuesday: The Best 1990s Love Songs

Happy Valentine’s Day! This edition of Throwback Tuesday focuses on the best 1990s love songs that you need to have in your MP3 player.    These selections will help you set the mood during your Valentine’s Day celebrations. A Song for You (Ray Charles) Have you been a bad boyfriend/girlfriend lately? Leon Russell’s “A Song for […]

Grading the 2012 Grammy Performances

  The big winner of the night was Adele, who won six Grammy Awards and tied Beyoncé’s record of the most Grammy Awards earned in one single night.   But however the real stars of the evening were the performances.   Some of them were incredible but others…not so much.   So without further ado, here are the […]

Jacob Interviews….Rock and Roll Heaven’s Mason Ramsey

If someone went to the Rock and Roll Heaven Website, they would find a world map that shows the current visitors from around the world.  These viewers are listening to Rock and Roll Heaven, a radio station that is music for the ages. In my second interview for my radio personalities series, I had a […]

A Tribute to Whitney Houston (1963-2012)

February 11, 2012 will be known as one of the saddest days in music history. Six-time Grammy and Emmy winner Whitney Houston has passed away at 48-years-old.   The world has lost a powerful voice.  For four decades, she has entertained millions of people across the world through her memorable performances from her hit movie the […]

The 50 Grammy Performances That You Need to Watch-Day Nine

Before you read on, please check out my part eight entry in this Grammy series on my page:   The Grammys are airing on CBS in four days!   In order to prepare music lovers for this incredible music television special, this author is countdown to the best Grammy performances that viewers should […]

Throwback Tuesday-Invasion!

This edition of Throwback Tuesday focuses on DC Comics’ classic comic crossover event: Invasion.    Invasion was the brainchild of comic legends Keith Giffen and Bill Mantlo and featured artwork from comic superstar Todd McFarlane for two issues of the mini-series while Bart Sears drew the last issue and all three covers.   The story […]

The 50 Grammy Peformances That You Need to Watch, Day Seven

  Before you read on, please check out my part six entry in this Grammy series on my page:   The countdown to the Grammy Awards continues!   Who will take home the coveted trophies?  Who will perform at the event?   Music lovers will find out the answers on Sunday but to […]

The 50 Grammy Performances That You Need to Watch, Day Five

Before you read this article, visit my page to catch up on my day four coverage:   Next Sunday, music’s best and brightest singers and musicians come together to honor the best in the recording industry.   Adele, Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj and Paul McCartney are among the big names that will take the […]

Jacob Reviews….Big Miracle

This edition of Jacob Reviews focuses on the historical drama Big Miracle, based on the 1989 Tom Rose book, Freeing the Whales, which focuses on 1988’s Operation Breakthrough, an international exertion to save three California gray whales, which were trapped in Alaskan ice. Despite its two-hour and three-minute time length, this film is an incredible […]

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