Catching Up with Christina Wells (The 2019 Edition)

By: Jacob Elyachar, It is a pleasure to welcome singer-songwriter, Christina Wells, back to Jake’s Take. The Houston native gained nationwide attention when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent (AGT): Season 13 with a moving rendition of Hairspray’s anthem: “I Know Where I’ve Been.” She received a standing ovation from Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, […]

Catching Up with Davis Mallory (The 2019 Edition)

Singer, songwriter, & DJ Davis Mallory returns to ‘Jake’s Take’ to talk about his newest singles and revealed his dream collaborations!

A Conversation with Singer-Dancer Shyra Sanchez

By: Jacob Elyachar, It is a pleasure to welcome singer, dancer, and producer Shyra Sanchez to Jake’s Take. In addition to her artistry, she also started the STAR Academy. The STAR Academy help young artists develop their passions to succeed in fashion, film, TV, and the pageant world. She also co-founded ShyFit, a line […]

Catching Up with Van Alden’s Paul Abrahamian (the 2019 Edition)

Musician and ‘Big Brother’ alum Paul Abrahamian returns to ‘Jake’s Take’ to talk about his new Van Alden EP and ‘Big Brother 21.’

Catching Up with Oz Pearlman (The 2019 Edition)

Emmy-winning mentalist Oz Pearlman returns to ‘Jake’s Take’ to talk about his TV special: ‘Oz Knows’ and a potential return to ‘AGT.’

A Conversation with ‘The Starfish’ Director Tyler Gildin

Director Tyler Gildin visited ‘Jake’s Take’ for “A Conversation” regarding his documentary, ‘The Starfish.’

A Conversation with Musician Ben Eunson

New York City-based musician and composer Ben Eunson visited ‘Jake’s Take’ for “A Conversation.” He talked about his new record ‘ACE.’

The Five Question Challenge with Modern Love Child

By: Jacob Elyachar, It is a pleasure to welcome singer-songwriter Modern Love Child to Jake’s Take. Modern Love Child is Jonny Shane’s stage name. Earlier this decade, he traveled across the country to Venice Beach, California.  After finding moderate success with the Los Angeles band Blue Blazer, he decided to march solo and find […]

A Conversation with Singer-Songwriter Grace Gaustad

New York City-based singer-songwriter Grace Gaustad makes her ‘Jake’s Take’s’ debut and sits down for an exclusive interview.

A Conversation with Singer-Songwriter AJ Mitchell

Epic Records recording artist AJ Mitchell makes his ‘Jake’s Take’ debut for “A Conversation.” He talked about his single: “All My Friends.”

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