Throwback Thursday: The 15 Gems from Reality TV

By: Jacob Elyachar, Earlier this year, I released one of the highest viewed articles of 2014: Jake’s Take: The 15 Greatest Reality TV Performances of All-Time! I received numerous comments on my blog and social media stating that I missed several crucial performances. That is why I dug deep into the vaults of American […]

The Top 10 Performances from X Factor USA

By: Jacob Elyachar If I was going to countdown the best performances from The Voice, I had to be fair and countdown to the 10 Best Performances from The X Factor USA.  Despite all of the drama and surprise eliminations, the first season of The X Factor delivered strong performances from some of the contestants.     […]

A Conversation with LeRoy Bell: Part Three

By: Jacob Elyachar Before you read my final part of my conversation with LeRoy Bell, click here to read part two: “Nicole, could you please introduce your act?”-Steve Jones “It’s the one and only, one-of-a-kind: Mr. LeRoy Bell.”-Nicole Scherzinger This was the introduction for LeRoy Bell’s final performance on the X Factor stage before […]

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